Emphasizing the least possible burden on the environment from the operations of our business, our state-of-the-art facilities have been designed with the least possible waste of resources and energy.

Our company is a member of the Hellenic Recycling Company, an organization that deals with the recycling of product packaging materials after the sale, cooperates with certified recycling companies for the waste of the production process and invests in research for alternative production methods of consumer goods.

Respecting the principles of sustainable development, Delyas Chartika Kritis has intangible materials certified according to the FSC® standard. The FSC® Standard is an International Sustainable Forest Management system issued by the Forest Stewardship Council® and aims to effectively monitor the raw materials used to produce the company's products. This monitoring covers all stages of the processing of raw materials, until the delivery of the final certified product to customers, which will bear the logo of the Forest Stewardship Council®, ensuring that raw materials have been used and subsequent procedures in accordance with its requirements. standard and responsible forest management. By promoting legal, environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically sustainable management of forests and their products, we actively contribute to the care and preservation of the environment that we inherit to future generations.

Wanting to contribute even more to the sustainability and longevity of the environment, we have created the Happy Tree® series (the product link will be included) with environmentally friendly products made from fully recyclable raw materials. Respecting the environment, we invest in packaging materials with less plastic, such as paper and biodegradable packaging. Also, with the redesigned Delyas toilet paper without madren, we minimize waste by 82% and carbon footprint by 11%. Finally, all our products are completely water soluble with the least possible water pollution and consequently the environment.

With a view to reducing our environmental footprint and having a positive impact on society and the environment, our ambition is:

  • Until 2022: 50% increase in the use of recyclable raw materials.

  • Until 2022: 80% increase in the use of recyclable b 'materials.

  • Until 2023: 50% reduction of non-recyclable waste.

  • Until 2025: 70% reduction of pollutant secretion.

Our long-term goal is, through our business activities and our social actions, to become part of the global chain for a better future for the environment, us, those around us and the next generations. Our guide is the global goals of sustainable development by constantly focusing and striving on those who can really achieve the greatest possible result.


Delyas Chartika Kritis, having a high sense of social responsibility, supports vulnerable social groups by offering sponsorships and donations to hospitals, churches, schools, orphanages and institutions in need. We support our fellow human beings in order to contribute to the improvement of their standard of living and quality of life.